Happy new year and welcome to our blog!

Welcome to our Blog!

With the new year, we had a new idea. Well, not that new, but we finally did. We finally made our own blog.

After traveling together for two years now, we finally wanted to share our experiences.

By now, we are based in Cologne, Germany from where we plan our trips. In the future we want to become full time-traveler. At the moment, Marco is doing his apprenticeship and I’m applying for university. But that doesn’t stop us from exploring our planet.

We are traveling with a small budget, few time and until now without a car.

If you want to follow our trips, feel free to subscribe our newsletter and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram 📷: leavingonlyfootprints_



3 thoughts on “Happy new year and welcome to our blog!

  1. Toller Name von Eurem Blog! Hab ein bisschen gestoebert in Eurem Blog und fand es interessant.
    Full time travelers ist der Traum? Das waer’s, stimmt. 👍🏻

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