[Eng] Carnival in Köln

Alaaf everyone!

The past few days were very special. It was Karneval (carnival) in Cologne. Starting on 11/11 with sessions and ending with the street carnival in/around February.

Street Carnival starts on Thursday which is called ‘Weiberfastnacht’. This means women take over the town hall of different cities and cut men’s ties. Also there are parties everywhere! Friday is a bit more calm as most people are hung over and need to rest for a day 😬. But there are parties as well and there is a line of people waiting in front of nearly every pub and club. On the Saturday the traits start. Trait means many groups walking dressed up on the streets and throwing sweets & flowers at people shouting “Kamelle”. Every part of Cologne has its own trait. Either on Saturday or on Tuesday. Like every night there are parties and music all over the city. On Sunday there is the “Schull- und Veedelszoch” (eng: school and district trait) which is quite big. 2017 we had 55 schools and 54 district groups. You can easily access the trait at Neumarkt, which is very central. The whole trait covers about 4,5km. Then finally we have Rosenmontag (Roses Monday). The biggest trait of the whole week starts at 10 and goes for 6 hours through the main part of cologne. The whole city is full of disguised people who want to party! It’s amazing.

On Tuesday there are traits in the districts again. Very cool ones are in Nippes (about 3 hours) and Ehrenfeld. At midnight there is another important tradition. The Nubbel is burned. The Nubbel is a doll filled with hay. In our tradition, the Nubbel is to be blamed for every sin made during carnival! After the Nubbel is burned, Carnival is over until 11/11. 

This was us today! We took part with our Rugby Club. It’s so much fun!!

After Karneval many people start fasting until Easter. People fast for sweets & alcohol for example but everything in possible really.

That’s my view on carnival, I hope you enjoyed reading and feel free to share your impressions!

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