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the girl on the train – my Interrail

This is an introduction into Interrail, our interrail- experience, our route & helpful tipps.

Everyone who wants to know more details about the cities we visited is invited to read the detailed posts which I’ll upload in the next few weeks!

Soo, Interrail.. what is that supposed to mean?

It’s easy. You buy a ticket for most trains in Europe (global pass) or most trains in one country (one country pass). You now decide wether it’s valid everyday in one month or 5, 7, 10 or 20 days in one month. Depending on the time you have and the cities you want to visit. On your travel-days youare allowed to use as many trains as you want to and go as far as you want to (you have to stay in one country if you have a one country pass tho).

We got one Global pass valid for 7 days in one month each. As we only traveled for two weeks, we used all those 7 days in our two weeks time.

The pass will be sent to you in a few days after paying. Furthermore, you have to write down on what day you are using which train but its very clear in the package you get with your pass!

And very important: Interrail isn’t just for young people! There are adult and senior passes as well.

Now you know what interrail is. But before you go on that trip, you should plan your trip. You don’t need to plan all the details if you are a free mind who wants to just have a go. But it’s helpful as you know which interrail pass to get and especially in summer most cities and cheap hostels are fully packed. Many people are brining a tent as well, we didn’t try it. But depending on where you go, you get fantastic views and cheap prices!

Our stops were: Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Ljubljana & Salzburg!

Once you decided the country and cities/villages you want to visit, you should check out train services as some of them need reservations and sometimes trains are not running regularly. Especially if you are planning on taking a night train.

next step before hopping on the train: Packing

Pack light! Also leave room for souvenirs & new stuff. I know thats what we all always try, but remember when traveling by train you will always have to carry your stuff! And most times you even have to walk a bit because most airbnbs and camp sites aren’t next to the central station.

It’s also handy to bring a little extra backpack for food and tickets. I even used a travel belly bag for my documents and money, so that I could fall asleep on the train. It doesn’t really look nice (you can’t see it when covered by clothes tho) but its a very clever and safe way to carry everything important close to your body.

Another thing we experienced as really helpful was our neck cushion. When sitting on the train for up to 10h its a plus to sit at least comfortable. Additionally, you can use the cushion if there is no cushion in your hostel! Great thing, those neck cushions 😀

you can also check my article Packliste (DE) for more details on packing! I have to admit that its still in German tho.

After buying, planning and packing there really is not much left!


And if you are curious about our very own experiences, the cities we explored and a lot of pictures… follow this blog for more!


This is Prague!




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    1. Thank you very much! I’d really recommend Interrail! Traveling by train is the best way to get to know a country and you are basically free to choose when and where to go to. Check it out. 🙂

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