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country of the red dragon

We traveled through the country with the rad dragon.. do you know which one I am on about? Nooop, not China. Its Wales! The small country in UK's west. Cymru in Welsh. and here is our story: It was rainy when we got off the plane at Manchester Airport (which of course is still in England… Continue reading country of the red dragon

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Interrail: where to go

Interrail offers you to go wherever you want inside Europe. That is amazing but makes the decision much harder. We had a hard time deciding but in the end chose a beautiful and very interesting tour. We only had two weeks of time and therefore spent 2-3 days in each city which was way too… Continue reading Interrail: where to go

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the girl on the train – my Interrail

This is an introduction into Interrail, our interrail- experience, our route & helpful tipps. Everyone who wants to know more details about the cities we visited is invited to read the detailed posts which I'll upload in the next few weeks! Soo, Interrail.. what is that supposed to mean? It's easy. You buy a ticket… Continue reading the girl on the train – my Interrail


[Eng] Carnival in Köln

Alaaf everyone! The past few days were very special. It was Karneval (carnival) in Cologne. Starting on 11/11 with sessions and ending with the street carnival in/around February. Street Carnival starts on Thursday which is called 'Weiberfastnacht'. This means women take over the town hall of different cities and cut men's ties. Also there are… Continue reading [Eng] Carnival in Köln


Cologne to New York

Beim Stöbern im Internet habe ich heute ein wirklich tolles Video entdeckt, was ich euch nicht vorenthalten möchte. Es zeigt das Flussbett des Rheins, den Meeresboden, Vulkane und Berge von Köln bis New York! Wäre das nicht mal eine wirklich ganz besondere Reise? Quarks&Co: Atlantik ohne Wasser Quarks&Co sagt: Atlantik-Expedition mal anders: Wir wissen, wie… Continue reading Cologne to New York

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preparing our world trip [English and Deutsch]

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta [Deutsch Unten] Preparation is everything! Therefore, we are already planning our world trip, even though we don't even know when to start. As most of us might feel, the best time to start is now. But there are a few… Continue reading preparing our world trip [English and Deutsch]

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Personalausweis verloren, was nun?

Falls du Mal in die unschöne Situation kommst und in einem fremden Land deinen Personalausweis verlierst, möchte ich dir mit diesen Artikel helfen. Und für alle anderen soll es eine Erinnerung sein gut auf die wichtigen Dokumente aufzupassen! 🙂 Es war also im Sommer letzten Jahres. Gerade angekommen in Dublin Airport, durch alle Kontrollen durch… Continue reading Personalausweis verloren, was nun?